Fairbanks Lodge No. 12

3801 South Cushman Street, Suite #5
Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907) 452-5808

Stated Meetings Third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.; dinner at 6:30 - no dinners July - August

The members and officers of Fairbanks Lodge No. 12 welcome you to our little corner of the Web. If you happen to be traveling to Fairbanks, Alaska, please feel free to visit our lodge for some of our famous "Golden Heart" hospitality.

2014 Officers

Worshipful Master WB Andrew Hodnick
Senior Warden WB Clifford Benshoof
Junior Warden WB Kenneth Larrimore
Treasurer Matthew Robinson
Secretary WB James LaFlore
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon Julio Valez
Senior Steward Joshua Owens
Junior Steward Kent Brown

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Past Masters

Past Master
VWB Fred McGuire*, PDDGM 1977
WB John Casey 1978
MWB Gene Freeman, PGM 1979
WB Marv Green* 1980
MWB Frank Erie, PGM* 1981
VWB Mitch Miller, PDDGM 1982
WB Dennis Bump 1983
VWB Lloyd (Bullgear) Ives*, PDDGM 1984
WB Bill Clucas 1985
WB John Edgar 1986
MWB Gene Freeman, PGM 1987
WB Bill Hendricks 1988
VWB Bill Oldham, PDDGM 1989
WB Charles Hembree 1990
WB George O. Darby 1991
WB John Robert Michel 1992
WB Phil Jones* 1993
VWB Greg Wyman, PDDGM 1994
MWB Don Chaffin, PGM 1995
VWB Doug Ooms, PDDGM 1996
WB Billy Platz 1997
WB G. Thomas Weaver 1998
WB Brad White 1999
WB Fred Ruppert* 2000
WB Don Sutton 2001
WB Vern Carlson 2002
WB Doug Whorton 2003
WB Clifford Benshoof 2004
WB Michael V. McGee 2005
WB Kenneth Larimore 2006

* = passed